Carol and I returned to Costa Rica for a third time in the company of several bird-minded friends, some who had gone with us on our ‘07 adventure.

Returning from the ‘07 trip were Michael O’Connell, Todd and Cindy Ward, and Vickie Buchman. Carol’s sister, Marge, who was with us on our ‘05 trip (but who was sorry she missed our ’07 trip!), made it this time. New to Costa Rica were Jim and Mary Schumann, Lynn Koss, and Harold Ginke. Not only was Costa Rica new to Harold, Harold was new to birding but he was game for anything.

The trip had been a year and a half in the planning with the help of our good friend, author and guide, Richard Garrigues, of Gone Birding. It had been a particularly long and difficult Wisconsin winter with record snowfalls so we were more than ready when the day finally arrived to board a plane bound for San Jose!