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Missing Classmates

Below is a list of names of classmates we've lost touch with over the years. If you can provide us with information about any name(s) on this list, please Contact Us so we can update our database. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis so please check back often.

If you happen upon YOUR NAME (or if you have NOT RECEIVED reunion announcements prior to the last reunion) we probably have incorrect contact information or none at all. Please take a moment to email us to say hello and provide us with your current contact information so we may include you in any future reunion mailings.

Your Reunion Committee

Bertram, Laura L.
Bills, Fred M.
Casselman, David E.
Close, Phil M.
Cook, Beverley J.
Deltour, Renee L.
Downs, Kathy K.
Emmers, Paul P.
Evans, Trevor
Evans, Ellis W.
Graef, Bobbi
Hager, Mary A.
Hartzheim, Lucy M.
Hohnberger, Louise M.
Hoover, John K.
James, Julia E.
Junge, Patricia M.
Keller, Robert T.
Kimpel, James M.
Koepke, Robert E.
Koss, Karen L.
Krause, John E.
Krause, Sharon J.
Krueger, Patricia J.
Krueger, Robert H.
Kuhn, Leonard L.
Lake, Linda C.
Locke, Patricia A.
Loeper, Helen A.
Londre, Craig R.
Loret, Robin D.
McCoy, Larry Q.
McGilligan, John W.
Nelson, Richard A.
Paltzer, Tim E.
Pardee, Margo J.
Paulson, Joseph H.
Peotter, Thomas W.
Pompa, Donna J.
Potter, Betty A.
Rader, Alice J.
Redmond, Linda K.
Reinke, James J.
Reistad, Lorraine D.
Reitzner, Chuck N.
Resch, Terrence J.
Reynolds, Lynda
Rigden, Daniel L.
Roberts, Jim D.
Rousseau, William F.
Sager, Ed K.
Schneider, Paul
Schroeder, Mike W.
Seggelink, Nancy R.
Shelley, Ronald L.
Simenson, Barb
Smith, Teresa A.
Smith, Wille J.
Sneen, Toni L.
Spilman, Jayne R.
Stabe, Bonnie M.
Stead, Stephen L.
Steckbar, Bonita L.
Straubel, Fran A.
Strem, Marianne
Sweet, Robert C.
Taylor, Nancy S.
Theisen, Chuck T.
Weiss, Ralph E.
Westphal, Rhonda J.
Wienandt, Peggy L.
Wiese, Terry R.
Winkler, William W.
Young, Patricia E.
Zinsmeister, Mary J.