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Timely updates will appear on this page - check back often.

How time flies! The 50th has come and gone and as we're passing into the next decade, the committee is offering smaller reunions but more frequently. The first mini-reunion will be held the weekend of September 29-30 in Appleton. See Reunion Details for...well, the details!

The reunion committee decided that the best way to share photos of the 45th reunion was to create a Facebook Group, Appleton High School Class of 1965. This way the responsibility of collecting and posting photos falls on no one person's shoulders. It is also a convenient way for people to leave comments.
Facebook is FREE but you will have to be a Facebook member in order to participate and submit photos to the group. The group is restricted to just the AHS Class of 1965 in order to keep down spam and junk. Personal invitations to join will be sent to those classmates who left their email address on the laptop
at the 45t reunion. If you did not attend of course you are welcome to join.

Plans for the 50th reunion are already under way. If you live near Appleton and wish to join the committee please contact Greg Otis. Greg suggested that classmates look at the Missing Classmates page and try to locate three missing classmates so that they too may be aware of the up coming 50th - it's
only five years away!

45th Reunion details are in place - check the Reunion Details page for the latest. Thanks to the reunion committee for their hard work in making the 45th a smash success!

Mary Blum (Dombrowski) wrote to let us know where she is presently residing so her name was removed from the Missing Classmates page. Updated contact info for Mary is to be found on the Contact Classmates page. Glad to hear from you, Mary!

Scott Caldie wrote to say that he has recently retired but added, "While I've been retired a whole three weeks, I'm already thinking about what I can do by way of a 'start up company'. I guess I'm still a tad too young to actually, really, really retire." Scott also has changed his email address, and, he supplied contact info for Nancy Caldie (Techlin). As a result Nancy has been removed from the "Missing Classmates" category. Checkout the "Contact Classmates" page to see their new contact info.

Terrifc news! Classmate Chris Fourness who was reported to have passed away is in fact alive and well and living in Seattle according to classmate Mary Schulenburg (Harrington). The web site has been amended to reflect the news of Chris's resurrection (thank you Mary for the update!).


An on-line listing of classmate contact information is now available. Updates to the listing will be made as necessary and as time allows: Contact Classmates


Photos from the 40th reunion are now up! They are located on another site - click HERE to link to the site. Not everyone has been identified - there are a few photos with "unknown" in the caption. If you can help ID someone please email Tom Sykes so that photo captions may be updated. Along this same line - if you find an error in a caption ID, please let Tom know. Do you have photos you would like to share? Read below about how to go about submitting them.


Our 40th reunion has come and gone and based on many of the comments during the event, it was a huge success! Many thanks to the committee for their hard work, and to everyone who attended to make the event so notable.

The Class of 1965 still knows how to throw a party! Just ask all the young people who filtered in from a couple of wedding receptions being held down the hall from our site. Several came to join in the dancing - some of the young people were having a difficult time keeping up with the tempo set by some classmates on the dance floor (John Mumme for one!). Guess our music still rules!

Stay tuned!