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WISBIRDN is an electronic discussion list principally focused on Wisconsin birds and birding. Topics may include the timely reporting of rare bird sightings, trip reports, requests for information, activities of the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology, and other birding-related organizations and research. In order to participate you must be subscribed.

Posted on this web site you will find a Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) covering many aspects about how WISBIRDN functions. This will be useful for long-time subscribers and new members alike. There is a downloadable PDF copy of the automated "Welcome Message" email every subscriber receives when they join. Handy if you lost the one you received when you joined, or, helpful to review to see if Wisbirdn is a good fit for you before you join. There is an online form for subscribing to WISBIRDN and finally, useful links to bird related groups or information.

Please bookmark this site for further reference. Feel free to share this site with other birders who may be interested in birds and birding in Wisconsin.